I wrote a book, I escaped the grip of the Grim Reaper, I made a big mistake in choosing Dorrance/Rosedog publishing they are incompetant, and costly, When they informed me that my cost per book would be $7.80 I went through the roof. I cancelled my contract and went with Createspace.com, their system is much better and my cost per book is only $2.15. A lot better than $7.80, and the quality of the book is better too, if you want to write a book, stay away from Dorrance/Rosedog,,,,, Thank you Robert Alan Lee, iescapedthegrip.com

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Can you recommend a good trustworthy publisher?


I am very glad to learn alot from you this meaningful knowledge. From an article describing your unique way , we can see that you are an approachable , humorous person



Dorrance and RoseDog publishers are under one management. They are a bunch of criminals feeding on new authors who haven't heard of their criminal activities yet.

Just keep away from them please. Thank you.


Um self publishing isn't real publishing so no one will market your book for you. It's not like your a real author that has passed the gatekeepers and been accepted, Any dumb bunny can vanity or self publish any old rubbish.


You can't get Christy Willcox on the phone because she scammed you.


Um if you self publish with Create Space the never promise to do any marketing. It's entirely up to you to do marketing.

That is actually pretty much true of any publisher. The scam vanity publishers like Dorrence, Xlbiris, Author House etc.. will pretend to do marketing for large sums of money but none of their fake marketing will ever sell books and is just a scam.

Even the real big genuine publishing houses do f*** all except for promote their NYT best sellers and their new authors get very little. Create Space is actually honest and admit you will have to do it all yourself though they don't offer to do, read the rules properly.

Vancouver, Washington, United States #743865

I am back its me scott thomas mason so can anyone tell me why i cant get christy willcox on the phone


If possible, please Email me as I would like Rosedog books to cancel its sales to Amazon, of my book, titled "The Valley" It is not a very good presentation and have since republished through a different publisher. I ask that your affiliate stop allowing sales of your edition of the book.

mike.kohler54@gmail.com Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank You. M.

W. Kohler


Thanks for that info., I've already published via CreateSpace, and am happy enough ... except for their marketing. Mind, given the tsunami of new books I can't really blame them, there's just too many of us writers out there!

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